Model Sports and Recreation Policy for Accommodating Children with Disabilities:

(Please Sign and Fill in and distribute to your team and team parents, and other team coaches and administrators)

The Cure Our Children Foundation has developed the following Model Sports and Recreation Policy for Accommodating Children with Disabilities to promote integration of those with disabilities into the main stream of sports teams wherever and whenever possible:

I.  Individualized accommodation and adaptation:  The coach or administrator should individually determine the best combination of accommodations of equipment, team member assistance, or other suitable accommodation so that the child with disabilities can participate in the sport.

II.  Access: Ingress and Egress:  Each child with disabilities should be able to enter and exit easily into the sports arena or playing field where the activity is being played.  All barriers to entry and exit should be addressed.

III.  Full Appropriate Participation: All accommodation should be designed to achieve the maximum appropriate participation of the disabled child considering all factors including the child's abilities and the type of sports activity.

IV.  Bathrooms, water, medication delivery devices, walking equipment, wheelchairs and other equipment: Children with disabilities will have access as needed to bathrooms and water at any time, and all equipment, devices, or facilities needed for accommodation will be welcomed.

V.  Training and discussion with team members and parents:  The coach or administrator will discuss the accommodation and encourage team members and parents to support the child with disabilities with the aim of maintaining the disabled child's privacy, self-confidence and full participation.  Making fun of or otherwise disturbing the disabled child will not be allowed.  All team members will be made aware of any physical contact restrictions or other restrictions.

VI.  Annual Review: Each year, the coach or administrator will review the disability accommodation plan.

We hereby adopt the above policy for our team or league.

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