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In Honor of Alon Sugarman,
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This site maintained by Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR.
Father of Alon Sugarman, Diagnosed March 6, 1998
with Ewing's Sarcoma of the Distal Femur.
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 Selecting your Doctor or Hospital and Hospital: Procedures to Follow and Questions to Ask.

by Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR., President, and Dr. Lainie Sugarman, Vice President
The Cure Our Children Foundation

    Using the right doctor and the right hospital to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases is critical.  Every doctor is not the same, and there are substantial differences in knowledge, bedside manner, customary practices, and treatment philosophy.  While it is important to get information about the doctor and the hospital, and to gain a certain comfort level, remember that time is not on your side.  Questions and checks should be performed immediately, and treatment commenced right away once a confirmed diagnosis has been established.  Although most pediatric hematologist-oncologists treat all cancers and leukemia, each doctor has his or her own specialty.  That is, there are one or two diseases that they specialize in, and know much more about than the other diseases.  It's best if you can locate a doctor that specializes in your child's particular disease, and who has treated a number of children with that disease over a long period of time.

    There are many questions to ask your doctor before you agree to treatment.  Some of these are:

    How many patients have you treated with this particular disease successfully?
    If the treatment that you choose is unsuccessful, what resources will you utilize
    to assist you?

   Is there a separate pediatric ward at the hospital, and are pediatric nurses available?

   What social services are available for you and your child during treatment?

   Are school teachers available to the child when there are stays in the hospital for treatments?

   Is there a playroom and a Child Life Specialist available, and what hours are they available?

   Is there an adequate support staff of related doctors such as pediatric surgeons, radiation
    oncologists, neurologists, radiologists and others?  Do these professionals have direct
    experience in pediatrics?

   Are the rooms private or shared?  What are the accommodations for parents staying in the
    child's room?

    What clinical trials are available at your facility?
    How will you respond if I disagree with one of your treatment choices?
    Who covers you when you are not available?
    Are you available by pager?
    How much time do you dedicate during appointments?
    Do you accept my insurance plan?
    Do you accept credit cards or extended payment terms for balances due?
    Ask for your own copy of a resume or curriculum vitae.

    There are many possible specialists involved in the treatment of children with cancer such as pediatricians, pediatric hematologist-oncologists, orthopedic oncologists, pediatric orthopedists, general surgeons and others.  Knowing the background and training of each can help you select the facility and person that is best for your situation.  It is extremely important that a facility be chosen that has a separate pediatric ward, and separate personnel that are trained in pediatrics.  Treating children is much different than treating adults, and requires specialized training.  Additionally, there are a number of practical needs of parents such as the need to stay overnight in the room, so the extent to which a facility is willing to accommodate this, and even make it easy is very important.  Aside from break periods, my wife and I were always on duty with our son Alon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including sleeping and eating in the room with Alon and taking care of all of his needs.

   I believe that it is especially important to seek and receive a second opinion on the pathology reports from a respected pathologist at a recognized facility that regularly treats cancer.  I can't stress enough that all of the treatment decisions that are being offered emanate from the diagnosis given by a pathologist when looking at slides of blood or tumor.  It is advisable to request that an extra set of slides be prepared prior to the biopsy procedure.  Diagnosis by slides is no easy task, and a second set of slides should always be viewed and a second opinion given.  In addition to this, it is also common practice to perform a second opinion by a pediatric oncologist in life-threatening illness.  The second opinion should confirm or refute the diagnosis,
and the proposed treatment methods.

    Remember, you are trusting this person with your life or the life of your child.  Seek only those doctors and other health care professionals that are willing to work with you in a trusting, caring, respectful, professional manner.  It is a perfectly acceptable practice to interview two or more doctors before deciding which one that you wish to choose; however, this process should be done quickly, as time is always of the essence when treating cancer.

   Treatment methods always exist at every stage of disease including relapse.  It is a good idea to discuss these numerous methods with your doctor to gauge their opinions.  For instance, with chemotherapy, there are many choices such as the full traditional protocol, an abbreviated protocol, addition of immune boosting drugs, and clinical trials.  For radiation, there is traditional radiation, I.M.R.T., sterotactic, proton, and neutron.  For surgery, there is endoprosthesis, rotationplasty, allograft, and amputation.  These are only some of the options, other options exist, and new options are being developed every day.  Many treatment options are only available at particular facilities.  Whether or not your doctor is open to listening to your suggestions and discussion about treatment methods available at their own facilities and at other facilities is an important consideration.

   Myself and others from our foundation are available to assist you as an advocate if you need additional information, referral, or potential treatment alternatives.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

...Barry and Lainie Sugarman


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