The Cure Our Children Foundation
Vision Statement

To educate the general public by providing a centralized Internet information site to assist parents, families and caregivers of children who have cancer and other life threatening diseases. This information site will assist in learning about the child's disease, current treatments, new and developing treatments, and holistic and complimentary treatment options. The site will also direct the readers to doctors, hospitals and other experts specializing in particular disease treatment. The web site is located at

To provide the latest educational material to the general public and to health care professionals about early diagnosis of life threatening diseases affecting children through the Internet site, in printed material, and through public speaking engagements and phone conferences.

To form, operate and maintain a committee of expert doctors and other health care professionals that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in treatment of children's life threatening diseases, and have those experts available to counsel children and their families about treatment options.

To provide social, emotional and financial support for children that have life threatening diseases and for their families and caregivers. This will be in the form of toys, gifts, and grants directly to children, their families or caregivers.

To support research into new and upcoming cures and remedies for diseases that are life threatening to children by providing information resources, suggested study protocol comments, and other resources for worthy research projects.

To support free distribution of a flavoring agent to be added to oral medicines to improve taste so children will not hesitate taking their medicine.

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Dr. Lainie Shapiro, Vice President

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