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Barry Sugarman, Project Director
Gary Suboter, Retired Project Director

Providing Direct Support and Assistance to Families that have Children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

    In Honor of Amber Hammond, Amanda Pelfrey, Valerie Wheeler,
Brianna Palermo, Paul Swyserda, and Hudson Auberlin, Jr.
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    Amanda Pelfrey                      Brianna Palermo                 Paul Swyserda              Hudson Auberlin Jr.

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Introduction by Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR., President
The Cure Our Children Foundation

I first met Gary Suboter on the Ewing's Sarcoma Internet Mailing List, and had the recent opportunity to meet him in person.  This page is dedicated to Gary Suboter's niece, Amber Hammond, and to Amanda Pelfrey, Valerie Wheeler, Brianna Palermo, Paul Swyserda, and Hudson Auberlin Jr.  who have all passed away from Ewing's Sarcoma.   This page honors Gary's strong heart and unwavering support of families affected when their child has cancer.  Our foundation is waiting to assist you with your personal needs, all you have to do is make an appropriate request via email or phone.  The Take My Hand Project has the full support of our foundation and its efforts, and all contributions to the "Take My Hand" project are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Families dealing with Ewing's Sarcoma and other life-threatening diseases need the assistance of their community, their friends and their support system.  Gary Suboter has developed a unique system to evaluate the individual needs of a family and then plan and execute appropriate assistance with every day needs.  As an objective and experienced businessman with a passion for assisting others, and compassion for the problems faced by families in need of assistance, Gary's system has been the perfect method to help.

Additional Volunteers Needed: It should be noted that volunteers that can work directly with the foundation are needed, and no previous experience is necessary.  Training will be provided, and all are welcome.  To volunteer, please contact the foundation by phone or email.  Volunteer Opportunities consist of phone calls, errands and other necessary tasks to support the families being help, and to support the overall Take My Hand mission.  Please click here, select "I want to volunteer" to assist with "Take My Hand".

What those who have been helped have to say about Gary Suboter:

"Gary seemed to understand from day one that as we were facing a new diagnosis, called "Ewing's Sarcoma" that the shock had a way of immobilizing us. He understood with us that sometimes grieving begins at diagnosis. To fight with purpose requires attitude as well as support. Gary has always been generous with his time, encouragement as well as contacts. We have cried together at the frustration of it all as well as the great love we had for Paul. As for Paul, he trusted Gary's opinion implicitly. That to me is the highest complement that an advocate can receive. When I could not find links to help, Gary was there. When I had something as simple as a flat tire during Stem Cell Transplant, Gary made arrangements for my car from across the Nation! When we had come to the end of standard protocols, Gary helped us research any promising Study Drugs available. He found several. In a word, Gary Suboter is a goldmine. Not only for the helps that he provides, but for the genuine love and care with such he offers his help. Thank you Gary, we love you!"

Adele Syswerda, mom of Paul, age 19, dx 6-18-98~~01-15-01 Well loved brother of Andy, Dan and Justin
Email: 1adeles@attbi.com



Barry Sugarman and Dr. Lainie Shapiro, paarents of a Ewing's Sarcoma cancer survivor, and experienced advocates, have recently taken over for Gary Suboter as the lead volunteers because of Gary's rehabilitation and recovery from a long-term illness.


The mission of Take My Hand is to provide a source of support and advocacy to those families stricken with Ewing's Sarcoma and other life-threatening diseases. This support will be provided primarily through the Internet, telephone, and letter writing, and shall include, but not be limited to:

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