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This site maintained by Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR.
Father of Alon Sugarman, Diagnosed March 6, 1998
with Ewing's Sarcoma of the Distal Femur.
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Original Article: How this Parent Copes with the Shock, Grief, and Anxiety

by Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk

    I refer to religious texts often, and my sons and I talk about them. One passage that gets me close to the Divine is 'The eye with which I see God is the eye with which God sees me.' This helps me remember my prayers will be heard.

    Sometimes it's hard to remember that there are ways of making yourself feel better. I was, indeed, frazzled, last night after getting home from hospital and couldn't think what to do with myself. So I checked my email and logged on the E-Sarc line. Just knowing it's there, no matter how I'm feeling, is a great comfort and source of support. Psychologically, it helped me to know that I could put my feelings into words and then LET GO OF THEM as I sent them to the group. 

    Aromatherapy has really kept me going. I find that specific blends of oils really help me feel at my best if I'm having a bath, and a massage from the skilled practitioner I've been going to for the last 5 years goes very far to relax, work through blockages, and energise. I know nothing about reiki, though it's become quite accepted in the UK as an alternative healing practice and is advertised in my GP's surgery. 

Here are some practical words of advice I've received from family and friends about what to do when you are by yourself and fighting worry, grief, confusion, and fatigue. (I've no doubt left out others!)

    1. Consciously take three long breaths every half-hour. Time yourself!
    2. Think about someone you love every half-hour. Visualise that person returning
        your love. Do not allow any other emotion to come into your vision.
    3. Think about someone who loves you every half-hour. Visualise yourself returning
        that love. Do not allow any other emotion to come into your vision.
    4. Go for a walk.
    5. Sing. (If you go for a long-enough walk, you can sing as loudly as you want and no
        one will hear you!)
    6. Listen to relaxation tapes or music you like.
    7. Cry.
    8. Play with your cat/dog/horse/hamster.
    9. Work in the garden.
    10. Do something for someone else you would like to have someone do for you.
    11. Say your prayers.
    12. Count your blessings.

Most of these work for me, and I hope they'll work for you.

With kind regards,

Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk
Falcon's Rest
29, College Hill Road
Harrow Weald,
Middlesex HA3 7HG


Member, The Ewing's Sarcoma Online Support Group

And here is a picture of my son Gordon:

Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk was the inspiration for this page through here article above.  After I read the article, I was so moved, that I realized the value that this information would be for others.  Here is my own list on "How to Cope with Cancer in the Family"......Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR., President, The Cure Our Children Foundation:

    1) Observe nature's beauty: a sunset or sunrise, ocean, beach, lake, or stream.
    2) Meditate and Relax.
    3) Get a massage.
    4) Exercise: Ride a bike, run up and down flights of stairs.
    5) Speak with a close friend or someone else that you love on the phone or in person.
    6) Listen to some music.
    7) Take your mind off the situation: Television (no news shows), reading, working,
    8) Buy some new clothes.
    9) Eat some extraordinarily good food.
    10) Listen to what others have to say and receive inspiration.
    11) Ask for the support of your community and your friends.
    12) Discuss your situation with others including your rabbi, priest, pastor.
    13) Spend quality time with your wife and your family.
    14) Surf the Internet and discover new things.  Try to learn information that will help
          yourself and others.
    15) Try to find and experience the beauty and humor in your situation and the people
          around you.

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